Graphic Designs Tailored to Your Needs

At A Creative Fox, we offer a variety of graphic design packages and services to fit your businesses' needs. Simply pick from a pre-made package or contact us to get a custom quote!

Social Media Packages

Graphics for Social Media are unique images that allow you to connect with your followers. Get a head start on your social media calendar with our social media image packages or use them to bolster your current media profile. Please note that all packages are images only.







Federal Holiday


National Holiday


Starting a small business or building a side hustle? This is the package for you! Every month, you'll get 20 premade graphics with your logo, colors, and vibe for social media marketing.

Have you already started a business or want to grow your social audience? Say hello to our Professional Package - 31 premade graphics with your logo, colors, and vibe every month for social media marketing

Is your social audience craving more? Are you possibly managing multiple businesses? Be an ultimate automaton with this package of 50 premade graphics with your logo, colors, and vibe for social media marketing.

Choose 15 Holidays from our list of Federally celebrated holidays.

Choose 36 Holidays from our list of silly, wacky, or weird National holidays.

Print Materials

Need a poster for your next event, an album cover, or how-to instruction guides? Your print materials are in good hands. Contact us for more details of what we can provide.


Logos are the first impression of the branding world. The logo motivates customers to believe in your values and see your business in its true light. At A Creative Fox, our inspired designs give you a leg up on the competition through the streamlined execution of your logo and business values.

Full Service Branding

A Creative Fox’s streamlined creative process can help you establish your brand in just 6 weeks or less, making the branding experience convenient and stress-free from start to finish! We'll get you set up with everything to make your branding execution stress free.